PrecariUpdate: Fall 2015

As we approach our first anniversary (see our first press release), PrecariCorps is still helping support adjunct faculty financially and professionally. Since we’re a nonprofit, we can’t do this without broad support.

We’ve continued our outreach during #CampusEquity and our Facebook page, among other venues. So far, we’ve raised about $5,000 from individual donations, which we’ve used to support 10 adjuncts. Our funding recipients have used their awards to pay for conference travel, car insurance, child care, and other living expenses not covered by their schools or departments.

Given the continued cuts to full-time hiring and concomitant increase in part-time employment in the American university system, we expect to hear from more adjuncts struggling to make ends meet.

Anyone interested in making a simple, tax-deductible donation can do so here. Any amount is welcome.

We’re planning new programming for 2016, including a Teach-a-Thon and another #AdjunctSummer fundraising drive. We hope to see you there. Until then, you have our thanks for helping us support adjuncts and fix higher ed.