For Immediate Release February, 2017

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February 6, 2017

Equal2These are troubling times for higher education.

In light of recent political appointments and events, we’re reminding our allies that we remain committed to our primary mission: supporting contingent faculty economically and educating the public about adjunct life.

We don’t yet know what the new administration and its policies imply for contingent faculty. Some changes may be slower and subtler than others. Regardless of what happens, we’ll keep speaking out for Equal Work, Equal Voice, and Equal Pay in support of contingent educators nationwide. We’re not stopping our work. Far from it, in fact.

We’ll also continue to help adjuncts through these volatile times on and off their campuses. We welcome more allies and continued support. Here are some steps you can start taking today:

1) Connect. Build your support network. Find allies on your campus and elsewhere. Remind fellow adjuncts, graduate students, full-time faculty, and administrators that what affects some of you ultimately affects all of you.

2) Donate. If you can’t do so directly, support PrecariCorps by promoting our efforts to others. Help us get donations so we can support adjuncts in need. We have a queue of funding requests from 2016 to work through, and we rely on donations to support our adjuncts. We accept donations in any amount, and some allies have arranged a monthly PayPal donation of $10-20. Supporting us is easy and tax deductible.

3) Get Social. Follow us on Twitter (@Precaricorps) and “like” us on Facebook. Use the #AdjunctLife hashtag to share your experiences and meet new allies. Remember that we accept anonymous pieces for our True Stories archive; contact us if you’re interested in writing one.

4) Be vocal. Now is not the time to stand in the wings. Let those around you, your representatives, and your school officials know that adjunct equity is an important issue. Whenever possible, involve your students, colleagues, and others on your campus.

5) Get involved with whatever organizations or political campaigns you feel are necessary, whether it’s us, New Faculty Majority, or others that speak to you.

Times have changed locally and nationally. We’ll stay vigilant and focused. Our work is not done, and much of it has just begun. We’re digging in and getting ready for the work we all need to do. No one is alone.

For all media inquiries or other information, please contact Communications Director Joseph Fruscione:  •  @PrecariCorps  •

For Our February, 2017 press release in PDF format, click here.