For Immediate Release January 2016

PrecariCorps, For Immediate Release, Brianne Bolin, Joeseph Fruscione


First Anniversary

January 20, 2016

It’s been a great first year for PrecariCorps.

Since March 2015—when we mailed our first check following the many donations we received during National Adjunct Walkout Day—we’ve given $6,585 to 14 adjuncts. We’ve helped our colleagues afford child care, rent, car insurance, healthcare, and other needs that their pay and benefits do not yet cover. Nearly 92% of our donations have gone directly to our applicants, as our first-year fiscal summary shows, and all of our available funds will go to them as well.


While our primary mission is funding individual adjuncts and publicizing their True Stories, we’ve recently been coordinating with national and local organizations to expand our mission and jumpstart our 2016–2017 campaigns, such as:

  • Beginning our campus activist oral histories project to inspire and empower others;
  • Running a Web-based teach-in during the spring semester and/or summer;
  • Promoting another #AdjunctSummer campaign to raise funds for adjuncts’ toughest times;
  • Attending MLA 2017 in Philadelphia to raise awareness of our mission;
  • Reaching out to other scholarly organizations about attending their conferences.

We’re hopeful that 2016 will bring continued cooperation with other organizations, a broader donor base, and increased national presence for usas well as the thousands of adjuncts currently struggling to survive in American higher education.

For all media inquiries, contact Joseph Fruscione, Communications Director:  •  @PrecariCorps  •

For our January, 2016 press release in PDF format, click here.